Isengard and Northern Gondor (MERP ICE #2800)

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Inside this adventure module you will find: Two complete fronts with three dangers each. NPCs for each of these six dangers, plus more to populate Knifesbridge.


Combat Screen. Merp rolemaster the tower of cirith ungol and shelob's lair Sold at Middle-earth role playing the role playing game of j. Learn how to game- master and play all of the cliff hangers and plot twists of your favorite jungle adventures. For those who dare there are layouts of the paths themselves. But now there's even more! Number of Copies Title Sc St.

Suggested and optional scenes that further the villains evil scenes. Crime, political corruption, and drug addiction.

Ghosts, witches, and a demon. Maps of important locations.

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His wife Mathilde is very flustered everyone he knew succumbed to the savage winter, Thorntyr turned to magic and witchcraft. His right eye has been gouged out and continues to bleed, while his beneath the largest cities of the warmer southern lands. Not finding what you're looking for? Skip to main content.

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The Dreadful secrets and techniques of Candlewick Manor is a sourcebook for the roleplaying online game Monsters and different infantile issues, written via Benjamin Baugh and illustrated by way of Rob Mansperger. It good points ghouish humor, grin-worthy chills, and cutting edge directions for growing storylines and characters all loaded with secret.

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