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For five years in a row, Gary was audited by the state of Wisconsin, she said, and she had to pull the numbers together for three of those years. On top of her real estate business, she started buying and selling antiques to make ends meet. In , Gail and Gary married. Three years later, Gary wrote a will that named Gail as the primary beneficiary to all of his physical and intellectual property. Not only was he broke, he was in debt, millions of dollars. I knew that because I have a degree in accounting. I could do the math. Over the years, the former archeologist Paul Stormberg had built up a friendship with Gary and the rest of the demigods of the role-playing world online, and then eventually at conventions and wargaming parties.

On that night, Stormberg said, Gary asked him to leverage his collection to support Gail and Alex. Guess who was there when he died? Gail was. It was Gail. When Gary passed, Gail was left with his collection of some 15, items—board games, novels, short stories, games, and all the miscellania expected of a prolific creator.

Currently, they fill a by storage unit, floor-to-ceiling. She guards this world fiercely. In a more recent conversation, Gail said the manuscripts were stolen entirely from her home after she took them out of the deposit box. He denied his friend had taken, or would take, anything. Alexander stated that the house is full of clutter. Officer Keller asked Alexander if the manuscripts could possibly have been misplaced inside the residence. Alexander stated that it is possible, but that when he had asked his mother to go through the house and look for them, she stated she did not want to because it was too late and the items were gone.

Gail urged the police to continue looking for the manuscripts. The police wanted to see if the manuscripts had passed through there. They had not, an employee said. Several weeks after that, according to the police report, Gail said she still had not checked the safe deposit box to see whether the manuscripts were missing. Once, when Gail was in the hospital recovering from kidney failure, her sister Dianne stayed at her home and swore she saw somebody parking in front of the house several nights in a row smoking a cigarette. Gary was known to be magnanimous, constantly pausing his work to respond to fans in emails, letters, forum posts, even phone calls.

His border policy was open. A born collaborator, Gary gave great portions of his mind to others for the keeping, and happily expanded on the infrastructure of their ideas. She talked business, he talked creative, he engaged with fans. But what do the fans remember? They only remember how available, how loving, how attentive Gary was to them. Fans wanted to do biopics, but few of their ideas were to her liking. There were calls for various creations to be published, but Gail wanted to thoroughly research the best way to develop them.

At that time, a revised edition of Castle Greyhawk was getting released bit by bit under the Castle Zagyg name, along with other properties like the Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds , Lejendary Adventures and Gord the Rogue. Gail decided to shut down the release schedule, despite the rave reviews from fans. Furious message board posts followed. It was his daughter, Elise. Gail seemed a bit offended by the proposal, as she says she had discussed the project with Gary while he was living.

She made T-shirts. She sold the rights to put inscriptions on the paving bricks that would surround the statue. The statue itself was envisioned as a dramatic, medieval-style design involving stairs leading up to a castle embellished with crossed swords and polearms. Under the whole thing would be a mechanism for gamers to leave dice. He walked me over to a large patch of grass behind the hotel I was staying in, intersected by an icy river. We were standing on a cement pathway about fifty yards away from the street.

It was a utilitarian, muddy side yard. I thought for a moment, looking around. It floods. This is not what Gail had envisioned for her grand memorial statue. It would be right on the shoreline and in plain sight. Gail and the commission temporarily settled on placing it in the patch of grass that Paul showed me. Gail said she is waiting for more favorable conditions, and remains fixated on the place where she believes Gary wanted his statue.

And Gary was a visionary. Gail used to attend the show, but stopped in Gail said she planned on attending the VIP dinner at Gary Con until Luke told her that she would not be comfortable there since Tenkar would be in attendance. He declined to be interviewed for this story, then posted our entire email exchange on his blog. When Kotaku sent another email to Tenkar for fact-checking, he did not respond, but posted that email on his blog , too.

Tenkar continues to attend Gary Con, and Gail said she is still afraid to be around him. She says that Mentzer tried to publish one of her unpublished manuscripts, and when she told him not to, he countered by saying that she owed him for a pricey storage bill. Mentzer agrees that his relationship with Gail is acrimonious, but denied this. Around , Gail also found herself battling a man named Jayson Elliot, who, along with Luke and Ernie Gygax, was in the process of launching a role-playing game fan magazine called Gygax.

Elliot filed against her. That triggered a lawsuit. Elliot was eventually forced to shut down shop. He and Gail settled. Luke and Ernie withdrew from the company. It was always following and protecting Gary. She asked for the police to come by once that year when she heard banging in the alleyway where her air conditioner was. In the morning, she said her air conditioner had fallen down and was lying on a rock, potentially indicating something had been tampered with.

Later that year, she heard her car alarm go off in the middle of the night and called the police about a possible breaking and entering situation. The right home would be big, money-making, and stewarded by a true fan and acolyte. DeSanto owns a collection of 40, comics and regularly attends Comic-Con San Diego, where he blends right in.

DeSanto has a history of picking through dusty attic boxes of childhood toys, looking for properties to revive. When something moves him, he might make motions to develop it. He is a true fan. Tom has developed and produced some of the biggest franchises in movie history, and he is clearly in the best position of anyone to develop and exploit the very rich library of material left behind by Gary Gygax. That is very reason why Ms. Gygax entrusted it to Tom. We are more than certain in our legal position and, in the end, everyone stands to benefit from enforcement of the agreement, including and especially Gail Gygax and her family.

This is the tidy tale, the one that makes sense in the the linear storyline of victimhood. He wrote it shortly before his death.

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That would mean that, when Gail dies, DeSanto would no longer have the rights to develop Gygax properties, making their contract worthless. Gail agrees that this will exists, but denies that it is valid. A massive frozen maze of spires and icicles, it winds around and around the icy beach. Crawlspace tunnels, fountains, and slides entertain children as they explore these snow-covered towers stretching to the sky. Each detail has its own icon, making the task of selecting just the right encounter even easier.

Concentrate on your campaign and leave the encounters to the Deck of Encounters" With the Deck of Psionic Powers, psionicists and wild talents alike have easy access to their mental abilities. Each card contains pertinent statistics and quick-reference details that make it easy to use every power. There is also a complete set of attack and defense mode combat cards to help players and Dungeon Masters alike visualize the incredible world of psionic combat. If in doubt, email the Seller.

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Dungeon Master Screen 1st Edition Earlier printings with the first cover style were published as a 2-panel screen and a 4-panel screen. I've got pics of the rare 1st printing over on our Sales site blog. These screens are useful for shielding maps and other game materials from the players when placed upright, and also provide instant reference to the charts and tables most commonly used during play.

The player's side is printed with Experience Tables and the Weapons Table as well as being colorfully illustrated. These folders have been varnished on both sides to protect tham against common wear and tear. They are printed on a thinner cardstock than the more common later printings, and laminated.

Cover sheet contains class abilities and prerequisites. Consisting of two durable cardstock screens, it places all those much used tables at your fingertips. One screen for the DM with all the important combat, weapon and saving throw charts; the second for the Player. You'll find this new edition more useful then ever before!

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Don't slow down the action by searching for a number; keep them in front of you all the time with this handy screen and reference guide. Also included is a page adventure, Terrible Trouble at Tragidore. This exciting RPGA tournament adventure is intended for medium-level characters levels It contains advice and tips for novice Dungeon Masters but is suitable for use by all players. Jean and Bruce Rabe New tables covering gaze attacks, gems, carrying capacity, and other subjects will help any game session run faster and smoother. Jim Butler Now the details players need on the spot to play any warrior class - including fighters, rangers, and paladins - can be right at their fingertips.

The screen folds in a neat triangle that sits on the table top in front of players for at-a-glance reference. Also enclosed are eight additional pages of valuable reference material that can be slipped into character folders. These pages feature an extensive Player's Handbook and Tome of Magic spell and spell-statistics list for rangers and paladins, a complete Master Weapons Chart, and other handy tables and charts.

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David "Zeb" Cook Now the details players need on the spot to play any kind of priest - including clerics and druids - can be right at their fingertips. These pages feature an extensive Player's Handbook and Tome of Magic spell and spell-statistics list for clerics, a complete Turning Undead Table, and other handy tables and charts.

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The Will and the Way (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Dark Sun Setting) [L. Dark Sun: Campaign Setting (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition). Terrors Beyond Tyr (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition: Dark Sun The Will and the Way (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Dark Sun Setting).

Now the details players need on the spot to play any rogue class - including thieves and bards - can be right at their fingertips. These pages feature an extensive Player's Handbook and Tome of Magic spell and spell-statistics list for bards characters, and other handy tables and charts. Skip Williams Now the details players need on the spot to play any of the wizard classes - including mages, specialist wizards, wild mages, or elementalists - can be right at their fingertips.

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Views Read Edit View history. Super Agents TSR worried about this concept, wondering how to market a product that lacked any familiar elements. There is also a complete set of attack and defense mode combat cards to help players and Dungeon Masters alike visualize the incredible world of psionic combat. Some ostensibly divine spell casters, such as templars, became arcane spell casters. Kingsport: The City in the Mists.

Also enclosed are four additional pages of valuable reference material that can be slipped into character folders. These pages feature an extensive Player's Handbook and Tome of Magic spell and spell-statistics list, and other handy tables and charts. Julia Martin What makes these records really special is their format. All listings are organized under specific and easy-to-identify sections, while the most vital and oft-consulted information is boxed with eye-catching, easy-to-find devices to facilitate play. No more searching for that important stat, as it is prominently displayed! On the front of these records is identification information, followed by sections on abilities, combat and class specialties.

On the back are places carefully structured for possessions, wealth and experience, as well as descriptions, friends and background. The sheets leave plenty of space for personal touches too, and each is drilled for safe storage in a three-ring binder. This package contains multiple sheets of each of five different character records, one for each of the major character classes and their attendant subclasses: Fighter, Cleric, Magic-user and Thief, with a fifth type for multiclassed characters and Bards. The sheets also leave plenty of space for personal touches too. The character sheets are pretty good; simple.

Lots of space for character background for one sheet anyway for you serious RPers. All spells, with their numbers range, diameter, duration, etc. I once attempted to do this before, but gave up. And here it is, all done. Now your character sheet can keep up to date with the game. On the front of these records are sections for all the information most often used during play and combat.

On the back are places for records, possessions and personal backgrounds. These Planner Sheets recap all the vital spell statistics in easy to use form. The earlier printing - with the white-bordered cover - was printed in The black-bordered reprint was released in the early 90s in conjunction with the revised 2nd edition books. The sheets are identical. Be aware. What are your chances of falling off that cliff and breaking your neck? Do you still have that certain magical potion or did your character drink it last week?

Record your character's ability scores, possessions, background, and much, much more! And the new record sheets are formatted more clearly than ever for faster, more spontaneous role-playing fun! Inside your Player Pack is the information you need to play your chosen class of character - the fighter - with skill and finesse, and a gathering of playing aids selected by TSR game designers as the items both experienced and beginning gamers find most useful. You would like to create more challenging encounters, but who has the time to develop all those mini-adventures that make journeys so exciting?

This book contains over 60 fully developed adventures that can be easily inserted into any DM's campaign. These intriguing and innovative encounters are ready to play and will challenge player characters of all levels. No longer do you have to spend endless hours devising clever lairs and traps for monsters to spring on your PCs.

Why make your players wait while you thumb through books and roll dice trying to scare up a random encounter? Here are ready-made adventures available instantly for almost any terrain and party level. These adventures can be inserted into your campaign at any time and are adaptable to almost any situation. Rather than introduce new monsters, The Book of Lairs presents a number of familiar monsters in unique settings to provide your players with unexpected dangers and thrills.


Unusual beings are also spotlighted to bring variety and mystery back to your campaign. DMs are sure to find The Book of Lairs convenient, innovative, and ultimately invaluable! Ardeep Forest, close to Waterdeep, is a de facto druid embassy to the city-state. Ideally, conflicts from both sides can be resolved peacefully, and Kyelmann has negotiated most of those agreements. Kyelmann, an old but vigorous man with snow-white hair and beard, greeted Festan formally. This was not their first meeting. The two sized each other up once again, for one day the ambitious and able younger druid would surely challenge Kyelmann for the Archdruid position.

The outcome of that contest was far from certain. Drow kill indiscriminately, and are as disruptive as settlers hacking down the forest. Since the loss of Boutros the Half-Ogre, the party had been missing an extra sword. The party gathered at the Yawning Portal, their favorite watering-hole in the city. The remnants of a badly savaged adventuring group emerged from Undermountain during their meeting, but they shrugged off the bad omen. The trip was slow and peaceful, save for Orc bandits attacking from cliffs overlooking the river. The assault was quickly broken, the orc survivors scattering.

Dungeons and Dragons

After proceeding up the River Shining, the party began searching the southern reaches of the High Forest for several days, before finding clues of Drow raiders. The only significant encounter was an extremely large brown bear, angry because Thoumann thought her cubs were cute. Festan, in reptile form, investigated a set of featureless metal doors behind a bramble thicket.

Inside was a wide hallway, and dark.